College of Engineering

Technology Symposium 2014

The UTSA College of Engineering is pleased to announce the 2014 Technology Symposium to be held April 29, 2014 in the HEB University Center Ballroom on the UTSA Main Campus. This innovative event showcases senior student projects and research that has been performed across multiple disciplines. The symposium features not only work in engineering, but also advances achieved in architecture, business, and science. The event will include exhibitions of Engineering Capstone Projects and the biannual Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (CITE) $100K Student Technology Venture Competition.

The Capstone Projects are the culmination of the engineering undergraduate studies, enabling all engineering students, in their senior year, to apply the knowledge they have accumulated throughout their programs to design, develop, and implement innovative and relevant engineering products.

The CITE $100K Student Technology Venture Competition focuses on student entrepreneurial activities, to give students hands-on experience as early stage entrepreneurs. Teams of senior business and engineering students work throughout the semester to develop a technology demonstrator and business plan to successfully develop a new company.

The symposium will also feature renowned business and engineering leaders in San Antonio, including Jeff Clarke, the vice chairman, Operations and president, Client Solutions, for Dell. Clarke will give the keynote address at 8:30 a.m.

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