College of Engineering

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  • Tech Symposium and CITE $100K Competition

    The UTSA College of Engineering Technology Symposium showcases innovative student projects and research performed across multiple disciplines. The symposium will not only include work in engineering, but also advances achieved in architecture, business, and science. The event will include exhibitions of Engineering Capstone Projects and the biannual Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (CITE) $100K Student Technology Venture Competition.

    The Capstone Projects are the culmination of the engineering undergraduate studies, enabling
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  • SiViRT Vizlab

    The UTSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory, the core facility of the Center for Simulation Visualization and Real-Time Prediction, allows researchers from all disciplines of art, science and engineering to conduct simulation and visualization research to better understand complex phenomena and translate data into images on large-scale and high resolution visualization walls or other display devices.

  • More to Engineering

    There is more to engineering than sitting in a classroom or lab. Engineering students at UTSA have a variety of interests and experiences. Although they love what they do in Engineering, they know that life is about more than just studies.