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Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 8.20.53 AMBachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering is the newest addition to the College of Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio. The program will welcome incoming freshman students in fall 2017 and will provide an exceptional learning environment and opportunities for discovery at UTSA.

Chemical engineering is unique as it educates students to use chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics to solve engineering problems related to production, transformation, and utilization of chemicals, materials and energy.

The Chemical Engineering program will provide high quality education and training in chemical engineering through rigorous course and state-of-the-art lab works. By selecting technical elective courses students can also develop a degree of depth in one of the five specialized areas of study: (1) Petroleum and Energy Systems, the sector with burgeoning industry demand for well-trained individuals; (2) Materials Engineering, the enabling technical field for microelectronics, energy conversion, and process controls; (3) Bioengineering, the emerging area that biochemistry interfaces with bio-systems and healthcare; (4) Environmental Engineering, the strategic growth area finding resources and environmental solutions for manufactures and for consumers; and (5) Technology Management, a leadership training focus of project management, technical innovation and entrepreneurship.

The chemical engineering program will prepare the graduates with the knowledge and skill sets to capture career opportunities.

Focus Areas
Petroleum/Energy Engineering
Materials Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Technology Management, Minor

Educational Objectives
Chemical Engineering program is preparing graduates to achieve the following Educational Objectives:
To have the depth that is necessary to apply chemical engineering principles to practice;
To have the breadth to pursue a productive career in diverse fields of chemical engineering in a globally competitive economy, and
To instill professional values such that they will be successful leaders in their profession.

Major Research Facilities
Chemical Engineering Unit Operations and Labs include:
Fluid mechanics
Heat and mass transfer
Reaction kinetics and process control
Ion exchange and membrane units
Pilot-scale polymerization reactor and a fermenter
Pilot scale double-pipe heat exchanger
Gas absorption columns & distillation columns
Wet labs with bench top and walk in hoods







The undergraduate program in Chemical Engineering offers Fall admission to Freshman students interested in obtaining a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering.  All interested students must:

  1. Apply to UTSA
  2. Meet the  College of Engineering admission requirements, and
  3. Have credit for MAT 1214 Calculus I OR have completed all necessary prerequisites to enroll in MAT 1214 Calculus I (through a mathematics placement test taken during orientation, or credit for MAT 1093 Pre-calculus or an equivalent), and
  4. Have credit for CHE 1103 General Chemistry I OR have completed all necessary prerequisites to enroll in CHE 1103 General Chemistry I (through a Chemistry Placement Examination taken during orientation, or a grade or “C-“ or better in CHE 1073 Basic Chemistry or an equivalent).

In addition, freshman students considering Fall admission to the Chemical Engineering program must also submit the following supplemental documents by April 21:

  1.   2 letters of recommendation (no immediate family members);
  2.   A one page statement on the student’s interests and professional career goals, and how the Chemical Engineering program will  help achieve them;
  3.   High school transcript and/or college transcripts (copies will suffice); and
  4.   Declaration of Intent to be Considered as a Freshman Chemical Engineering Major

All supplemental documents are to be addressed to:

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Biomedical Engineering Department
Chemical Engineering Program
One UTSA Circle AET 1.102
San Antonio, TX 78249

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Monica Bowden
College of Engineering
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